I first started a Wordpress blog back in late November 2014. Writing a novel is such a solitary journey. You can write for months without another soul reading your words and then when you share them with a few close friends, it can be absolutely terrifying.

And it can be years (if ever) before your novel finds an audience.

So I created my blog, Ordinary Magic, as a way to put my words out into the universe, to help overcome my fear of people reading what I had written & in some ways to prove that I actually WAS a writer (self doubt is a chronic condition amongst the writing fraternity!)

From the posts below, you can see that I wasn't exactly prolific with my blog posts...but I am hoping that now I have this fabulous new space, that will change.


I would love it if you would read some (or all) of my old posts and let me know what you think.


Happy Reading. Shelley.xx 



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