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Inspo with Claudine Tinellis

Claudine Tinellis - author & podcaster

The first guest on my Inspo series is multi-talented, Sydney-based writer & podcaster Claudine Tinellis.

A one-time corporate lawyer with a passion for words, Claudine's first venture into the world of publishing was via the 2014 launch of 'A Coastal Chef: Culinary Art of Seaweed & Algae in the 21st Century' (Harbour Publishing House Ulladulla)

But it was her love of commercial women's fiction that set Claudine on a new path and led her to me!

After chatting online for a while, I had the pleasure of meeting Claudine in person in August last year, at author Sandie Docker's literary luncheon at Middle Harbour Yacht Club.

Claudine & I were both graduates of prolific and uber-talented Historical Fiction author Fiona McIntosh's amazing, five-day writing masterclass in Adelaide and we instantly hit it off!

At the time Claudine had just launched her inspirational podcast series, Talking Aussie Books where she so eloquently interviews Australian fiction writers, both debut and established authors.

If you love listening to Aussie authors talk about their latest novels, pathway to publication and writing process, don't miss this brilliant podcast series!

This was followed by sharing a magical five days together on retreat with the fabulous Vanessa Carnevale

People talk about finding their writing tribe and I am blessed to say that Claudine is now a vital part of my tribe. She is a fierce advocate for Australian fiction and a generous supporter of other aspiring writers (especially me<3).

I was honoured when Claudine recently asked me to be a beta reader of her current manuscript, The Angels' Share, and I can assure you that when her novel hits the shelves, hopefully one day very soon, you will fall in love with her characters just as much as I did.

So enough from me, I will now hand over the reins to the lovely Claudine...

Claudine & me on retreat in Trentham with the lovely Vanessa Carnevale

Far greater writers than I have struggled with the idea of calling themselves ‘writers’ or indeed ‘authors’, despite having at least a book or two under their belts.

I have one published book to my name. A non-fiction title at that. Nevertheless, it is a product of my blood, sweat and tears. A book I was proud to have worked on. So, technically, I AM an author.

I write most days, if not everyday. I have completed three fiction manuscripts. None are published. Yet.

I guess. . . that makes me a writer, too.

But as most “aspiring authors” will tell you, calling themselves “author" or “writer" is one of the hardest things to do. Most of us suffer from imposter syndrome, believing we should only call ourselves “writers”, that we can only don the authorial robes if you like, when our books sit on the shelves of Dymocks or Big W, or are sold by the millions around the world.

But as one wise author once told me, all that stands between a published writer and non-published writer, is a contract. What we do every day, sitting at our desks, recording the trials and tribulations of the characters that roam inside our heads, their hopes and desires, their fears and insecurities. . .this is what writers do.

It’s been a long time since I worked as a lawyer, but I’ll always be one. That kind of training never really leaves you. But writing is who I am. Rarely does a day go by when I don’t think about putting some words down. And I relish the idea of being able to create something - a story with characters that resonate with readers and with whom they can journey for a short while - out of nothing but my imagination.

So the next time someone asks me what I do, I will proudly announce “I am a writer”. Will you?

'The Angels’ Share’ Blurb:

Overworked Sydney lawyer, Gina Kallos, struggles to make her ambitious husband understand there’s more to life than just work. So when an old flame unexpectedly walks back into her life, long-buried memories begin to surface and passions are reignited.

But when tragedy strikes close to home, Gina is forced to decide where her future really lies. . .

Claudine Tinellis writes contemporary women’s fiction and is also the host of popular podcast, Talking Aussie Books (see link at:

She lives in Sydney with her husband and a bunch of kids (human and furry). You can listen to her podcast on your favourite podcast app and find her lurking on Instagram ( or

Facebook ( most days. She also has a website ( and loves to hear from readers and listeners.

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